Number One
Just-Ene Number  One

The difference,
our reason to be

In Just-Ene we know that, every person, every woman, is special and unique and it is therefore that we give special importance to the exclusiveness of the designs you create.

When you create a design, with a particular combination of shape and color that was not created and manufactured ever before, we will include a certificate and a metal plate on the sole with the number I.

This will be the first pair of shoes in the world like you created, which makes it a unique shoe in the world by itself as no other will have this seal of distinction.

In addition, this design will form part of our house with the name you may choose for it. It may be your name or a name you feel yourself identified with. For this we invite you to propose three names we will study with our team, and chose the one we find most convenient for our brand.*

Your shoes with the selected name will be published in our web once you have received them.

* Just-Ene reserves the right of not choosing any of the proposed names in the case that the team does not consider them convenient for the brand. In that case the team will give them an adequate name.