What is fashion? YOU are fashion

What is fashion? YOU are fashion

What is fashion?


We often think that being fashion means buy that skirt, that dress, those shoes or that beautiful handbag everybody wears. But at the end, we all feel frustrated when we attend that wedding and find somebody wearing exactly the same. And we may ask ourselves: Why? The answer is as easy as obvious; because "it is trendy", and we all bought the same. Difficult to miss it.


I can still remember when I was a 15 year old teenager, when there always were 3 big groups of "trendsetters". If everybody was wearing nautic shoes and Lacoste shirts, you obviously wouldn't be less. If everybody had that Nike Air Max with a yellow phosphorescent air chamber, why shouldn't you? And, of course, when you appeared with your "Yumas", because "Puma" was out of reach of the family budget, you were definitively "out". 


Fashion often obliged us to be equal, but let's be realistic, we are all different!

Neither does everybody like brown shoes even when they are trendy, nor 14 cm heels. But often fashion trends do not offer us any other choice.


I never liked 4 cm platforms , but when you have visited a 30 shops and only can choose that and some ballerinas, at last you succumb, you have no other option. And, what is the best, in the end you will even like them, however you will get out of balance and fall on the doorstep of your favourite bar when stepping on a pebble and only can dissimulate and take it as a joke.


Fall in high heels  


Therefore we like to be different more and more; we want to have a Coca-Cola can with our name on it, we want to customize our sneakers and put our names to it, and we even customize our M&M's.


Men are years ahead of us in this. You know how many businessmen you may have seen with their initials embroidered on their tailor-made shirts?




I think this is a new era, where we set the trends ourselves, and it is not the trend to set us anymore.

Get off your mind that phrase: "be fashion", "YOU are fashion".


And as it cannot be otherwise, I hereby share a video, so you will not forget: you are unique.



Warm regards,


Irene Gil

Founder of Just-Ene