There is always a first time

There is always a first time


Sometimes when you take a look back and think about the most special moments of your life, something moves inside you...



Your first customized shoes


When you learned to swim, when you learned to ride a bike, your first day at school crying as if there was no tomorrow, the first time you went out with friends, the first time you met that special someone .... Clearly, there is always a "first time" and for one reason or another, that first time always remains in our memories. 

For this reason, we want this to be the first time you design your own shoes. During April, you can design your very own pair at a very special price, so you can try and enjoy the experience.

Design the shoes of your dreams for 129 € just by entering the code MYFIRSTJUSTENE at the time of purchase.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

Additionally, if you want to get some advice, ask for sizing, or a combination of materials, do not hesitate, write to with your questions and I'll be happy to help you personally.

Warm regards,

Irene Gil
Founder of Just-ENE  


Published on: 07-04-2015