Just-Ene's Esence

Just-Ene's Esence

Just-Ene was born  as a passion, an illusion, a dream, and, why not, a personal challenge. Every time I thought of Just-Ene, I wanted it to reflect this. 


The essence of Just-Ene starts to take shape when Mar, our Creative Director and unconditional companion in this adventure, told me that we should give names to our shoe trees. 


After thinking about it for a few seconds, it was clear; our lives are full of persons with whom we shared experiences, laughter and tears, who in some way or another supported us, guided us, and hugged us when we needed it; persons who, in any way left us indifferent. That is why our shoe trees bore the names of those persons we considered special and indispensable in our lives.


Mar, Susana, Micaela, Mª Luisa, Berta, María...have their origin in the persons Mar and myself admire and value, no matter if today they are still there or not anymore. 


From that point I started to reflect, I realized that every person has something that makes her special and different, something that makes her unique, and fortunately, I had a Project that was based precisely on the recognition of this difference of every person, that would permit her to imprint her character, her style, and allow her not only to be unique, but also unrepeatable. 


The world is full of unique, special people, who laugh, cry, defend what they believe in, struggle every day for their happiness and in short, have their own essence. That is why with Just-Ene we wanted that every woman could differentiate herself, being truly herself who leaves her essence in our shoes, having the possibility to create something as unique and unrepeatable in the world as she is. 


Therefore in Just-Ene we are very glad that you are a part of our family. Because you are very special.


Embracing you,


Founder of Just-Ene