It's time to choose your perfect shoes for summer

It's time to choose your perfect shoes for summer

Summer is definitely coming. And what better time to think about how to dress your feet this season?

Metallics, pastel or bright colours, as well as black and white more than ever you decide fashion, because that's all about you, about what you like, and your style. 

Choose your preferred colours and customize your shoes with them. Choose the heel height with which you feel comfortable and the colors you like, it's time to design your summer shoes and feel unique. 

Here are some suggestions for this summer, try to adapt them to your style. You will find some customization suggestions on each shoe description at our webpage. Which one do you prefer?

And if in doubt, do not worry, we want to hear you. I know you may arise some issues when choosing your shoes, so remember you can always ask about your size, materials and combinations or any other questions you have by writing to

Warm regards,

Irene Gil
Founder of Just-ENE


Published on: 23-05-2015