How to choose the perfect shoe?

How to choose the perfect shoe?

As of today, there is no doubt that shoes are a clear mirror of the personality of the person wears them. Your shoes speak by themselves. High heels can change the way you feel, gives you self-confidence and makes you feel more sexy and elegant.

But the question is .... How to choose the perfect shoes? We give you the keys:


1. Think about the occasion

Just-ENE Zapatos de novia rojos


On what occasion you want to wear your shoes? We like shoes that we can wear in more than one occasion. We love to see shoes as an investment rather than a one-off expense. As an example, you can design your own wedding shoes, but we love that you can wear them at any other day or any other special occasion.

Nowadays, silk shoes are not only for special occasions, but it will be easier to combine a fantasy leather or a python snakeskin shoe with your daily outfits.


2. Think about comfort

In spite of shoes being equipped with comfortable insoles if you've never been comfortable with high heeled footwear, it is difficult to make this happen now. Choose the heel height with which you feel comfortable and sexy. High heeled shoes slim your legs and enhance femininity; however, you can also feel sexy and elegant with a slightly lower heel. If you're comfortable, you'll have more security in yourself and you will transmit this.
Similarly, wider heels offer you extra comfort by offering greater support at every step you take. You will notice this without losing your style.


3. How do you want to combine your shoes?

Do you want them to be the protagonists of your outfit or you want them to act only as an accessory?


Just-ENE Stiletto Rojo


Depending on your personality, choose more or less daring shoes. A flashy shoe can speak by itself if combined with a more casual or sober outfit such as a skirt in basic shades, leggings or jeans.
By contrast, basics never go out of style, but you can turn your basic shoe into something special simply combining it with a sole in gold or silver and heels and platform in mirrored leather in the same tone of the sole.

A well-combined heeled shoe will definitely add a feminine and elegant touch to any style. The limit is your imagination!


4. Risky colours, yes or no?

Combining fantasy skins together is sometimes difficult; however, there are combinations that can make a difference in your shoes.
While gold or silver tones look good with almost any base colour, you have to be more careful when combining different fantasies. Combining fantasy skins with solid colors is a win-win. A combination that we love? .... A pump in fantasy leather with pony hair in the heel and platform!


Just-ENE Stiletto plata y pelo de pony negro


5. How are your feet?

Do you have a wide feet or feet imperfections? Then, you may feel more comfortable with sandals that slightly cover your feet like the one pictured below. Also if you tend to deform pointy toe shoes, you may prefer a shoe with a rounded toe or peep toes. Any doubt? Ask Us! We'll be happy to help you!


Just-ENE Candem - sandalia negro y oro


And now .... ready to imagine? Start designing your own shoes and set your own style!