How often comfortable or uncomfortable shoes with heels made or destroyed your day? Fortunately or unfortunately, this is one of the big realities we women are facing.


Being honest… How many identical shoes did you buy because the first ones were comfortable? And what is more, how many times did you go back to the store to see “if they were going to arrive in a different color”?


The same as when we buy a chair (even when it is beautiful) we want to be able to sit on it, women hope to be able to walk all day on her shoes, or at least we dream of that.


Wearing high heels one should be able to do normal daily life; if I want to go shopping, run to the bus, work a whole day walking from one place to the other or dance all night, my shoes will have to come with me. As far as it concerns me, I have no chauffeur, so my shoes cannot depend on that. On the other hand, we still did not find out the attractive pack of “Just-ENE + chauffeur”, so to work on comfort today is the best solution we can offer.


Zapatos rojos cómodos de JustEne


Many of you, who have experienced a Just-ENE, ask us: Why are your shoes so comfortable?


I always am happy to answer that in Just-ENE we manufacture shoes created by women for women. I personally literally wear the shoes out. Mar, one of the key-figures at Just-ENE, still is asking herself what I am doing to them, and the answer is always the same: “I use them”. I never fancied shoes that are just nice for the closet, therefore every design has to show to be “Irene-proof”, and, believe me, this is not easily achieved. 


We women, have come to an extreme to be able to dissimulate till the point of making believe that to have your foot practically in contact with the floor is comfortable. Let us be realistic, this is not true. Not to mention the harm that did that phrase: “beauty has to be suffered”!


We are conscious of the limitations, and really, to have your feet at an almost 90º angle to the floor, isn´t comfortable. Nevertheless, being non-conformist by nature, I refuse to be a victim of such a torture, and by the way, I never wear less than 10 cm heels. And, to tell the truth, I love challenges.


This is one of the reasons we let the choice to customize the heel height, and in effect, the maximum height of heels we work with is of 10,5 cm without platform (12 with), and all our shoes (inclusive the ballerinas) incorporate gel insoles to make this trance less painful. We won´t fool anybody: if you never wore 10 cm heels, we cannot do magic, but if this is the height you like to wear, I assure you that they are more comfortable than usual.


The shoetree is one of our keys; the creation of the shoe begins with this, and without a good shoetree, it is impossible to make a good shoe. In our case it took months to find the shoetree to satisfy our requisites (consequences of being directed by two shoe-fanatic women to take that important decision). We sought for a slightly wider than normal fit, so that, when you would put on a stiletto, you would not feel as if five toes were just one toe, but bigger, and to avoid that sensation of “I cannot tell if I lost my toes or they are just sleeping”. We also reduced much the deformation of the shoes at the level of the toes. Many times I asked myself if I did not leave some toe inside that shoe to make it leave its imprint even when they were in the closet. With this kind of shoetree, I think that we have achieved to manufacture a less traumatic stiletto for most women.


Clave para unos zapatos cómodos - Hormas de JustENE


We are well aware too that not every women has perfect feet (I’m one of them), which often makes us sacrifice a little of the design so most of you will experience them as comfortable. Unfortunately, not every women has wonderful feet, and neither has “foot surgery” seem to have advanced that much. Therefore I want the shoe not to reveal a bunion, broad feet or feet with other imperfections. A shoe with high heels enhances the femininity of a woman, is elegant and sexy… as long as everybody does not think that it looks as if your foot has more than 5 toes.

Another key aspect is the rubber injection in the sole. I could not tell how often I had to get hold on the wall again (with much dignity and dissimulation) because when it rains, for some strange reason, it seems as if you entered an ice rink by accident. The rubber injection not only avoids the wear and tear of the sole, but increases incredibly the “grip” under these circumstances, so the stability in rainy days can be guaranteed.

Being realistic, Just-ENE is in fact the result of egoistic thinking; I love shoes, I love Just-ENE and it is my illusion and my dream. And this dream meant to be wearing shoes that make me feel comfortable, that would not make me arrive home just wishing to take them off, and that would not make me decide getting back home earlier some night because “my feet are killing me”. And this forms part of Just-ENE, a shoe whose maximum exponent is the woman, because to feel sexy and attractive on high heels does not mean to renounce to comfort.


And I could not leave you without enclosing this song. As is to say: “Your shoes are made for walking”. 




Warm regards, 


Irene Gil

Founder of Just-ENE